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The Meaning of Unity

Today I wanted to discuss what unity means, particularly during the current time of activism and desire for equality. Unity means togetherness, or more specifically, oneness. There is a need to act as one unit when addressing issues of inequality. But does that mean that we, as a unit must only choose one problem over another to address? To me, the answer is clearly no.

Being a unit does not require us to be the same, or to have the same experiences or needs. It means that all of the elements that make up the whole are working together for an overarching goal. I don't believe that the desire for equal treatment of women is more or less important that the need for equality for members of the African diaspora or immigrants, or vice versa. I truly believe that we should be moving toward fair treatment for all of humanity. That means men can and should be active in feminist movements, people who benefit from ethnic and racial disparities need to lift their voices among those who suffer from those same inequities, and those who have had the privilege of a high quality education should advocate for the same to be made available to all.

In order for us to be truly united, we must see each other clearly. It's not about not seeing color; it's about recognizing that different shades are all beautiful. We need to connect with each other, to listen to multiple perspectives on life's challenges, and to use our privilege, our strengths, and our resources to increase awareness, understanding and advocacy.

All parts of a clock look different and perform separate functions. But they are all equally important in ensuring that the clock is working properly. It is important that we recognize in each other those differences which make one individual no more or less important than another, but which make us all, as a unit, stronger!

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