Published Work

Meta-stressors as Barriers to Self-Sufficiency among TANF-Reliant African American and Latina Women

April 22, 2013

The mixed-method study examined welfare-reliant, female heads of households and the multilayered and persistent barriers they face in their attempts to obtain employment to sustain their families.  The results revealed an many simultaneously occurring “metastressors” as experienced by participants. The issue of intersectionality is explored in relation to gender and racial oppression and in terms of promoting positive social change.
DOI: 10.1177/0886109913484693

The Mediating Effects of Perceived Discrimination & Acculturative Stress on the Relationship between Latino Mental Health & Treatment Seeking

May 18, 2017

The study attempted to determine whether the established relationship between mental health and treatment seeking was mediated by either discrimination or acculturative stress. While the main effects were confirmed, no mediation could be found. However, it was clear that socioeconomic status related to the main effects. Mental health related discrimination and acculturative stress scales may benefit future studies. 
Accession Number: AAI10278361

The Impact of Culture and National Origin on Educational Aspiration, Personal Responsibility, and Self-Efficacy: A Comparative Analysis of Views by African Americans and African Caribbeans

May 2009

The study examined the differences in response to questions about educational aspiration, personal responsibility, and self-efficacy among two groups of African -descended individuals. Results indicated that African Americans were more likely to endorse high levels of self-efficacy and educational aspiration, while African Caribbeans were more likely to identify with personal responsibility. The average age and level of education was higher among African Caribbeans, which could explain the discrepancy.

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