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Ten MORE Ways to Provide Assistance from a Distance: Updated Opportunities to Help Each Other

Last month, I created a blog post about helping other people during the COVID-19 pandemic (, providing #AssistanceFromADistance. A month later, we are still in quarantine mode, and I thought it would be a good idea to refresh with a new list of ways we might help each other during this time. Here it is:

1) Donate to Feeding America, the link to which is here: I learned about this organization recently, and given how many more people are now jobless or otherwise experiencing economic and food insecurities, your donation can help some people who are struggling to meet their basic needs.

2) Volunteer Virtually. There are opportunities to support people in their grief, teach students who are currently at home, and write thank-you notes to people on the front lines. The website for the source of this information is here:

3) Support local businesses. You might find that there are shops which are still open, but operating differently right now. For example, Harper's Bookstore in my town is accepting orders and bringing out the sold items to patrons' cars.

4) Host virtual gatherings to stay connected to others. This can help you and people who might be experiencing loneliness or anxiety. Zoom, Hangouts, and other platforms could work.

5) Donate to the Boys & Girls Clubs of America. In addition to the in-person programs, the organization helps to address food insecurity and to fill educational needs. You can donate here:

6) Support the Centers for Disease Control & Prevention (CDC). The CDC is working diligently to find a vaccine for COVID-19, in addition to its ongoing efforts in the realms of prevention and treatment of conditions. You can donate here:!/donation/checkout

7) Donate to social service organizations. Social workers and other staff members in these much-needed spaces are still doing their jobs, even as some funding has been pulled back and some functions have needed to be adjusted or eliminated for the time being. You can search for a list of organizations in your area. Some in Middle Tennessee which are close to my heart are: End Slavery TN (, developed to help stop human trafficking; Cannon County S.A.V.E. (, which helps individuals and families affected by intimate partner violence; and Monroe Harding (, which trains and collaborates with foster families, wile acting as a liaison between the Department of Children's Services and foster families.

8) Support First Book (!/donation/checkout), to aid in providing books to children who do not otherwise have the means to obtain them.

9) Adopt or foster a pet. Many shelters are limited in their ability to properly care for the animals in the wake of current restrictions. This link can help you find a shelter in your area:

10) Regularly review and follow CDC guidelines for helping to decrease the likelihood of spreading COVID-19. While I would not recommend reviewing on a daily basis, perhaps a weekly review to ensure that you have the most updated information can help protect you, those you know, and those you don't know. Here is the link for CDC recommendations:

As always, I hope that you are all engaging in self-care in addition to providing #AssistanceFromADistance. We can all do something for each other. Love and light to all!


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